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Poet, singer-songwriter, essayist, aphorist. BA in English Literature (1980); Master of Divinity (1991). Married in 1980 to Cindy ('My best friend and the love of my life'). Itinerant work of music and speaking spanned four decades, ranging over most of the length of the U.S. eastern seaboard and to England. Has composed over 90 songs. Released first recorded collection, The Thing That Matters, in 1988. This and more recent selections may be heard online at Edward's primary website, Bard of the Grey Wind, also containing some of his general writing and poetry. Partial to ancient and mediaeval literature and history; Shakespeare; etymology; legend and folklore; and the lives, works, and scholarship of British authors associated with the Inklings circle. Enjoys early and Baroque music, 'period' films, family evenings of reading aloud, and (particularly during autumn and winter) walking in the woods and mountains. Also has devout views on the proper preparation of a decent cup of tea.

01 December 2006

Strange Rumours

A band of common labourers
heard the angels sing. (Luke 2.13-14)

A handful of outsiders
saw a heavenly sign. (Matthew 2.1-2)

A man near death
saw God's promises come true. (Luke 2.25-32)

An aged widow
long shut off from the world
heard the news with joy
and began to spread the word. (Luke 2.36-38)

The mighty, the influential, the arrogant, the proud
saw nothing whatsoever,
heard nothing
save strange rumours,

As the Master of the Universe
came among them.

* * *

'God has chosen
the foolish things of the world
to shame the wise ...
the weak things of the world
to shame the strong ...' (I Corinthians 1.27)

Wishing you this Christmas
grace in your weakness.

* * *


(Copyright © 1994, 2006 by Edward Waters)

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